Whether you run a business from home, or manage a team of skilled professionals, our range of corporate treatments will ensure you're always on top of your game. 

In-chair massages, luxury day retreats and mindfulness workshops are just a handful of services we provide to professionals from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

All of our corporate services are 100% tax deductible—book today.

Sit Back & Relax at Work


All of our massage treatments can be performed at both your employee’s desk, or in a private room away from noise.


Massage programs are available on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on your workplace demand.

Corporate Massage Events


Want to surprise your employees with a special treat they won't forget?

Our relaxing, seated chair massage is perfect for all kinds of events, including:


• Seminars, conferences & exhibitions

• Golf & sporting events

• Competitions & games



Body Healers provides short, effective CHAIR massage to address common staff complaints, including back pain, neck pain and headaches.


These sessions help to prevent the development of serious conditions such as repetitive strain injury, which is linked to long work hours.

It is proven that only a few minutes of massage each day can dramatically improve an individual’s ability to think and concentrate, due to increased blood circulation to the brain.


The treatment consists of 10–20 minutes of massage in a seated chair, targeting the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. These sessions can also be tailored to your staff’s individual needs.



Body Healers' ergonomic assessments have been specifically designed to ensure your workstations are set up correctly to prevent injury.


Our experienced therapists will identify and document any issues, and modify workstations where necessary. We will also provide you with recommendations in terms of self-management strategies, ergonomic accessories and safe working practices.

The Benefits of a Safe Workstation

  • Postural awareness & effective relief of pain

  • Improved employee comfort & a boost in productivity

  • Reduced workplace injury rates (repetitive strain injuries & tendonitis, as well as alleviating neck & lower back pain)

  • Knowledge of how injuries occur & how to prevent them

  • Helps to manage, mitigate & deflect personal injury claims

As always, our primary aim is to resolve and/or significantly improve symptoms that you and your employees experience when at work, as well as preventing the likelihood of aggravation occurring in the future.

Standard Group Assessments


Suitable for 6+ ergonomic assessments/workers

(30-minute assessment per worker)

Assessment includes:


  • Brief report documenting current issues

  • Tailored ergonomic advice given to worker

  • Changes made & any ergonomic accessories installed

One-On-One & Longer Assessments


Ideal for home-office set ups, or 1+ worker experiencing current musculoskeletal aches.


Assessment includes:


  • Detailed report provided on assessment documenting current issues & hazards

  • Thorough ergonomic advice

  • Changes made to workstation & any ergonomic accessories needed installed

  • Details of current injuries, complaints & aggravating factors

  • Specific advice given by practitioner & any necessary referrals


Course Outline

  • 1.5 hour Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

  • 3 hour Mindfulness Workshop

  • 8-week Mindfulness at Work Program 

  • Day of Mindfulness Retreat 

Common Benefits to Individuals

  • Reduced stress & anxiety

  • Increased focus & productivity

  • Improved decision making skills

  • Empathy & leadership skills

  • Enhanced creativity at work

  • More enjoyment at work


Common Benefits to Organisations

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved emotional & physical wellbeing

  • Greater work satisfaction

  • More engagement & cohesion in teams

  • Improved communication & relationships

  • Greater capacity for innovation

  • Better coping with change



What is mindfulness and how can it enhance your productivity, resilience and quality of life?


Are you aware that companies like Nike, Google and Apple encourage their employees, at all levels, to learn mindfulness and apply it to their workday? TIME Magazine has called it the Mindful Revolution—so what is mindfulness and how can it benefit your life?


The benefits of mindfulness practice in reducing stress, and improving quality of life and cognitive functioning have been well established for years.


In fact, practicing mindfulness in the workplace is known to not only benefit those practicing, but also the organisation in which those individuals work.


Body Healers is happy to offer a number of workplace mindfulness programs, including the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program.

In this program participants develop skills and learn practical tools that will enable them to handle stress more constructively, improving relationships and boosting productivity in daily tasks.


We can also tailor a program to your needs and time requirements




Looking for an enjoyable way to reward your team after completing a long-term project?


Body Healers is proud to provide a range of corporate day retreats, which are a wonderful way to gift, honour and recharge your employees.

What’s Included

We start the day with an introduction to mindfulness—how it can significantly improve work performance, job satisfaction and happiness. 


This is followed by a mindful yoga class, and guided mindfulness sitting practice/mindful movement practice.

After, you and your team will get to enjoy a relaxing, gratitude lying down meditation, before tucking into a delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch overlooking the gorgeous valley.

Following lunch, why not spend the rest of the day indulging and walking the magnificent grounds of ANANDA Rainforest Spa.

The day is wrapped up with a down-to-earth practical mindfulness session that makes the benefits and applications of the practice clear, and highly relevant to your life.

Recharge Day Retreats


Body Healers also offers a range of recharge day retreats to help replenish and relax your team.


Decide between our beach retreat located metres away from the ocean, or our Gold Coast hinterland escape to experience the best nature can offer!

As well as indulging in delicious, wholesome lunch, you will also get to partake in your choice of sessions:


  • Yoga

  • Massage

  • Guided meditation

  • Sound healing meditation

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Mindfulness & talks on health


Our Wellness Program

Did you know that prevention is an essential part of wellness?

Identifying potential problems before they cause any business disruptions is the smartest approach to eliminating issues.


In fact, Workplace Wellness Programs have been proven to cut down on worker compensation claims and reduce time off related to staff illness and injury.


Our wellness programs are a combination of our single services, plus any extra service your company may need.  All our services and programs run for at least 3 months, however, we always recommend a 12-month program to achieve the best results.


To develop a tailored program for your company, we need to understand as much as possible about the current health and wellbeing of your employees. This  

is essential to develop the most effective wellness program, and guarantee the best return for your business.

Contact us today to get started!



Body Healers is specially composed by a team of experienced osteopaths, physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists, dietitians, exercise physiologists, phycologists and yoga teachers.


Together we can delivery workshops and seminars that are specifically tailored towards your team's needs and goals. 

You choose a topic and we'll create the magic—it's that simple.

Body Healers' Wellness Classes

Our range of wellness classes treat your employees to some well-deserved time out. Our classes run as 30, 40 or 60-minute sessions, and can be adapted to your individual trading hours.

Choose between:




This workshop is facilitated by Archictect, Rita Slompo, and is based on her Master of Architecture research thesis.


This research relates to information from three main fields, including architecture, behavioural psychology and stress physiology.

Rita has carried out extensive research about how work architecture and the environment can effect workers psychologically and increase stress. This research quickly became one of the most successful thesis's at Griffith University to date.

In This Workshop, Rita Will Cover:

  • How architecture can influence psychological & physical wellbeing

  • The relationship between space, human health & behaviour in workplaces

  • Simple changes that can create a more productive & healthy working environment

  • The relationship between environment & behaviour as a possible stress-trigger

  • Guidelines to lead future design along a positive path



“For me, the bars  was the best therapy I have ever done. I spent years fighting fatigue and mental exhaustion.


After lunch time, I could only functioning after having a nap and  a coffee. After 2 weeks of Bars, I wasn’t taking any naps or having a 'keep-me-going coffee'.


My creativity and energy levels were very high and I felt amazing! My life truly changed after that and it really reflects on my work.


Bars is a great contribution to your workplace—your employees will start functioning from a different point of view. It really can change and improve the whole environment”.


Please email Daniela at Body Healers to find out more about the positive, life-changing effects of Bars. 




Access Bars is a technique that helps people achieve their full potential, live in a creative edge and get rid off all their daily dramas!


It is one of the most effective and dynamic therapies used in the workplace, with highly successful outcomes.


During the Bars session, we lightly touch 32 points on your head, which unlock your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This helps to open up a space for you to create more, enjoy more and realise your true potential.

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, more solid relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more!

Bars in The Workplace Can Encourage:


  • Improved energy & productivity

  • Increased motivation & problem solving

  • Relief from insomnia

  • Improved mental clarity

  • Reduced stress & tension

  • Decreased anxiety & depression rates

  • Re-stored harmony at work

  • Decreased fatigue & tiredness

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